About Me

I am a Daytime Emmy Award winning visual effects supervisor (2013, "Elmo The Musical", Sesame Workshop) and software developer. I have worked primarily through Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio for over 7 years serving as both visual effects supervisor and pipeline developer in a freelance capacity.

My background was originally in film, having attended Watkins College of Art Design + Film. I'm co-owner of Untrademarked Productions, which produced our first feature film 'Worm' in 2013. Film led to Animation and VFX, where I have had a great relationship with Magnetic Dreams with responsibilties ranging from art to code.


I have professional experience with Javascript and Python, primarily as interface langauges to software packages like Maya, After Effects, Fusion and more. Node I use extensivley as well, first as the basis of Adobe's new scripting platform and then in a more traditional way as a web-developer.

Additionally, I have a strong love for functional languages, primarily Racket, and my "hobby code" time is usually spent learning in that realm.

My github page is the best place to keep up with what I'm coding.


I have gotten the opportunity to work on countless projects with Magnetic Dreams in many roles. Here is a collection of some of the projects in which I served as visual effects supervisor, click through to watch.


Connect with me on LinkedIn.